Sunday, February 14, 2010

She loves me, she hates me...

My girlfriend's mother hates me now. Not because of anything I've done.

I knew something was wrong a few weeks ago when I went to my girl's brother's wedding. Her father was really nice to me, he likes me a lot, but her mother didn't even say hello. I mentioned this to my girlfriend, and she just told me it was because her mother was busy, but I had a feeling something was up.

Up until then her mother had always been very nice to me. She bought me clothes, made kimchi chigae for me, and always went out of her way to make me feel welcome. Because of that I knew it was more than her just being busy.

About a week ago she and my girlfriend got in a big fight and the truth came out. Her mother had read an article in the paper about a foreign teacher who had filmed a porno with his Korean girlfriend. This is the reason why her mother now hates me and wants my girlfriend to stop seeing me. Because some jackass up in Seoul made a porno with his girlfriend.

This is why I sometimes hate Korea. If it was some Korean guy who made a porno with his Korean girlfriend it wouldn't even be news. Because it's a foreigner it becomes news, and all the irrational Koreans find another reason to hate foreigners. I didn't think her mother was like that, but apparently she is just as crazy and irrational as the rest of them.

Anyways, thank God my girlfriend loves me or I'm sure a repeat of what happened with another girl I dated would be imminent. A girl once broke up with me because her father didn't like Americans. I'm also glad that my girlfriend's father has not fallen into the same insanity. He likes me. He's the kind of guy that either likes you or doesn't like you. He's not going to let some stupid article about someone else influence his opinion of me.

My girlfriend hasn't spoken to her mother all week now. I'm not sure what the next move will be. Either her mom has to get a brain or they will just not speak for the next year or so. She's not going to break up with me just because her mother has no sense.

Happy New Year everyone.


  1. Wait? You are not like every single foreigner in the country? How can that be? Are foreigners not homogeneous like Koreans? Every Korean likes kimchi and bibimap, therefore every foreigner must make porn and have AIDS.

  2. Irrational to be super nice, irrational to be suspicious and mistrustful over nothing related to you. Like we blame all Koreans when they do something wrong (I wonder if they shit bricks waiting for retribution when something does happen? eg VTech killer, 2002 World Cup cheating etc etc)