Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Too many hobbies

I haven't been posting. I realize this. I've slowed down. The reason is I have a lot of hobbies, or maybe obsessions would be a more accurate term. Currently, I'm back on guitar. This is what happens when I play guitar...

Yeah, that's me, after spending too much time playing guitar. I recorded that about a year ago. Now I'm playing again. Only this time I'm attempting to tackle some Beethoven stuff. It's a pain in the ass, but I love it.

I've also been given a keyboard by someone at work, so I'm trying to learn that now too. Lately, I've also started giving lessons to someone else from work, so I'm trying to put together lesson plans for guitar in case that's something I ever want to do to make a few extra bucks on the side.

Anyways, I'll continue to play and probably continue playing PS3 as well. And, I'll continue to try to post at least a couple times a month on here. Cheers!


  1. Hey man-boy, you might want to edit that a little bit, unless you have an F-2 visa, doing absolutely anything besides teaching at your school is a violation of your visa. Even volunteering. Just a heads up.

  2. I don't think they're going to bust me for teaching another waygookin to play guitar. I'm not charging or anything, just jamming with someone who needs a little help is all.

  3. Nice guitar.

    I picked mine up for the first time in months and my fingers can barely hold the strings down... I still remember a lot of songs, though. This is my third guitar in Korea - a real piece of shit - because I keep dropping them and breaking the bastards.

  4. Ehh, it's a piece of shit. Just a facsimile of a good guitar. I also have a sinking feeling that it's a knock-off, though I'm not sure why anyone would choose to make a fake Cort. One of these days when I have a nicer place and take better care of my things I'll put down some real cash on a Gretsch hollow body.

  5. There is a chance that I will make the move to Korea from Sweden later this year and I am just like very interested in NHL so I am wondering if the NHL games is shown on premium channels or on basic cable TV? Cheers and play the shit of that guitar.

  6. the NHL is not on very often here. they have a few games on during the play-offs, and once in a while sunday morning during the regular season. you can catch the games on the internet from a bunch of different sources though.